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Finance Directorate This Directorate ensures that there is proper financial management and its administration at the Ministry. It also leads the administration of Treasury management, accounts preparation and facilitates the process for sourcing f...   Read more

General Administration

Administration This Directorate ensures that approved personnel policies in the Ministry on employment, personnel records, training, and wages and salaries administration are translated into good management practices and effectively carried out.  ...   Read more

Human Resource Management & Development

Human Resource Management and Development (HRMD) This Directorate develops sector-wide policy on HR Planning, Succession Planning, Training and Development and Performance Management. It also ensures that there is in place an effective and stable m...   Read more

Policy Planning, Budget Monitoring & Evaluation

Policy, Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring And Evaluation (PPBME) This Directorate leads the technical processes for the development of policies, plans, programmes and budgets of all activities of the Ministry.  It caters for the design and appl...   Read more

Research, Statistics & Information Management

Research, Statistics and Information Management  (RSIM)    This Directorate: Conducts and commissions researches, compiles and analyses data for the Ministry. Compiles all information pertaining to the Ministry in line with its activities and pro...   Read more

Governance and Legal Reform

The directorate is responsible for the following; Proposes decentralization policy reforms, Converts approved decentralization policy reforms into draft legislation where appropriate for the consideration of the Ministry   Read more



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