Role of Information Officers crucial in national development – Dan Botwe

Mr. Daniel Botwe, the Honorable Minister for Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development, has highlighted the crucial role of well-resourced Information Services Department officers in fostering sustainable national development.

Speaking at an orientation session for Regional and District Information Officers (RIOs and DIOs) from the Information Services Department (ISD) on the Gulf of Guinea Northern Regions Social Cohesion Project (SOCO), Mr. Botwe emphasised the significance of efficient information dissemination in achieving developmental goals.

During the session, the Minister praised the Information Officers for their instrumental role in mobilising rural and urban communities, enabling them to comprehend government policies and initiatives for increased support and compliance.

He acknowledged the pivotal position of Information Officers in rural areas, where they are trusted sources of credible government information, capable of bridging cultural gaps and communicating effectively in local languages.

Hon. Botwe stressed that Information Officers' unique position as cultural liaisons makes them indispensable in implementing policies that require community support for sustainable development. He assured the officers of ongoing capacity-building initiatives and their active involvement in SOCO project activities, including work plans, monitoring, and outreach efforts in their respective regions and districts.

The participants were made up of Public Relations Officers from District Assemblies,  DIOs and RIOs all ISD staff from the implementing six regions and 48 Districts. 

The Gulf of Guinea Social Cohesion Project (SOCO), an initiative by the Government of Ghana, aims to address potential spill-over effects of fragility, conflict, and extremism from the Sahel region into border communities. Additionally, the project seeks to promote socio-cultural integration and stimulate local economic development.

The project is being implementing in the Northern, Upper East, Upper West, Savannah, North East and Oti Regions.


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