Chief Director of Ministry of Local Government Undergoes Performance Assessment

The Chief Director of the Ministry of Local Government Decentralisation and Rural Development (MLGDRD) has participated in a performance assessment conducted by the Office of the Head of Civil Service. The assessment focused on the deliverables outlined in his performance contract, aiming to evaluate his effectiveness in leadership and management within the ministry.

During the performance assessment, key performance indicators were reviewed to gauge the Chief Director's accomplishments and contributions to the ministry's objectives. The assessment process included a comprehensive analysis of the Chief Director's performance against set targets and benchmarks established in his performance contract.

The assessment by the Office of the Head of Civil Service, is aimed to provide constructive feedback to the Chief Director, identify areas of strength, and pinpoint areas for improvement. The Office emphasized the importance of such assessments in ensuring accountability and enhancing overall organizational performance.

The Chief Director expressed his commitment to continuous improvement and stated that he welcomed the feedback provided during the assessment. He highlighted his dedication to driving forward initiatives related to local government decentralisation and rural development, emphasizing the significance of these efforts in promoting sustainable development and community empowerment.




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