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Sensitisation Workshop for MMDAs on DPAT held

A zonal sensitisation workshop for Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in the Central, Greater Accra, and Western Regions has been held.

The assemblies were represented by Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs), Coordinating Directors, and other staff.

The workshop is in preparation towards the DPAT VI assessment which forms part of the processes towards the conduct of the assessment.

Prior to the exercise, MMDAs needed to be sensitised on the indicators that they would be assessed on for the 2021 financial year for adequate preparation for the upcoming assessment.

Speaking at the workshop, the Hon. Minister for Local Government Decentralisation, and Rural Development, Daniel Botwe urged MMDAs to be accountable to community development by being compliant to the DPAT VI indicators.

He stressed on the need for MMDAs to use their statutory mandate for public good and proactively pursue participatory and inter-sectoral collaborations to development and nation building.

DPAT is a tool developed to assess assemblies on their performance. The indicators covered under the assessment tool is to ensure that MMDAs are executing their mandate legally and also ensure that they are complying with the regulatory and policy framework as enshrined in different legal instruments that provide the mandate Assemblies work with.


  Source: MLGDRD Public Relations Unit


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