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GPSNP Implementation Support Mission ends in Accra

The five-day Implementation Support mission meeting that opened in Accra on Monday by the World Bank with the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development (MLGDRD) and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) to discuss the Ghana Productive Safety Net Project (GPSNP) and GPSNP 2 has ended in Accra today, Friday, 19th August 2022.

The meeting had productive sessions with the technical teams of both the MLGDRD and the MoGCSP.

The issues raised and feedback from the discussions moving forward is going to iron out implementation arrangements for the benefit of the project and in the interest of the target population that the project is designed to serve in order to alleviate poverty and increase productivity.

A Deputy Minister for MLGDRD, Hon. Collins Ntim in a speech read on behalf of the Minister for MLGDRD, congratulated the mission team for committing to the success of the implementation support mission on the GPSNP and GPSNP 2.

Hon. Ntim commended the World Bank for their support to the Ministry which has been significant over the years in the areas of deepening the decentralisation system, enhancing community and urban development; and other interventions to improve environmental sanitation.

According to the Deputy Minister, currently, aside from the GPSNP, the World Bank is supporting the Ministry to implement the Secondary Cities Support Project as well as the Gulf of Guinea Lagging Regions Project which has been prepared and is virtually ready to kick-off in the five (5) regions of northern Ghana.

“Interestingly it is modeled alongside the GPSNP concept. being prepared. This gives a strong indication of the impact and success GPSNP has had and expected to be translated into GPSNP 2” He added.

The Deputy Minister emphasised that GPSNP support to poor people has been significant as seen with the results that the project has supported more than 35,000 households under its Labour-Intensive Public Works programme and over 21,000 under the Productive Inclusion component, adding that “we see our success stories and commit to ensuring we trumpet these to the country and the world”.

Hon. Collin Ntim was quick to state that “my attention has been drawn to emerging issues that requires action by the Ministry, which is support from top Management and collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection”.

He gave the assurance that the two Ministries will work together to ensure successful completion of GPSNP and delivery of GPSNP 2.




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