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Local Government Minister calls for collaboration among Assemblies to manage flood risk in Accra

The Minister for Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development, Mr. Daniel Botwe, has made a fervent call for collaboration among Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies (MMAs) along the Odaw River channel to effectively manage flood risk in Accra.

Mr. Botwe made the plea during an inspection tour of the Greater Accra Resilient and Integrated Development (GARID) Project beneficiary MMAs where he observed that the flood control efforts of Municipal Assemblies downstream the Odaw River are being undermined by the inactions of the Assemblies upstream. 

The Minister emphasized the need for a coordinated approach to mitigate flood risk and protect the well-being of the communities along the Odaw River. "Flooding is a pressing national issue that requires a collective action. I call on all MMAs along the Odaw River to collaborate closely to plan and implement effective flood control measures that will protect lives and properties of citizens," the Minister stated.

Mr. Botwe announced that Government through the GARID Project will soon establish an Inter-Jurisdictional Coordination Management Committee (ICMC) for the Odaw Drainage basin. The Committee, which will comprise the Project beneficiary Assemblies and other relevant state agencies, will be responsible for joint planning, implementation, management, and financing of flood control interventions along the Odaw River Basin. He said the process has already commenced and call on key stakeholders to collaborate with the Consultant and the Project staff to ensure successful completion of the task.

The Coordinator for the GARID Project, Dr. Kwadwo Ohene Sarfoh, said the implementation of successful flood mitigation interventions requires a unified front. He underscores the benefits MMAs stand to derive from collaborating in their fight against flooding in the city. "Collaboration among the Metropolitan Assemblies will allow for a coordinated planning, and implementation of flood mitigation measures. It will also create the platform for sharing of resources, expertise, and best practice in the collective interest of the Assemblies.," the Project Coordinator explained.

The Dean of the Greater Accra Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives, Mr. George Cyril Bray, on behalf of the MMAs, expressed support for the call for a joint effort in addressing flood risk in the national capital. "We the Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies under the GARID Project will join forces and pool our resources and knowledge to develop sustainable flood control measures that protect our communities," the Dean indicated.

The GARID Project aims at improving drainage, solid waste management, and provision of infrastructure in priority flood-prone informal settlements within the Odaw River basin. The Ministry of Local Government, Decentralization and Rural Development is implementing the metropolitan governance, operation and maintenance improvement sub-component of the Project. This sub-component, among others, focuses on the establishment and institutionalization of inter-jurisdictional coordination; development of a joint Odaw River Basin management plan; development of operation and maintenance system for drainage infrastructure at local level; and establishment of a local capacity support grant to finance the technical needs of local governments.


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