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Ministry confers with Electoral Commission on DLE

A high-level delegation from the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation, and Rural Development, headed by the Honourable Minister, Daniel Botwe, engaged in a substantive discussion with the Electoral Commission (EC) concerning the forthcoming 2023 District Level Elections (DLE).

The delegation, comprising Mr. Botwe and other officials, convened with the Electoral Commissioner, Madam Jean Adukwei Mensah, and her Deputies, Messrs Samuel Tettey and Eric Asare Bossman.

During the meeting, Hon. Daniel Botwe articulated the Ministry's purpose, emphasizing the need to assess the EC's preparedness for conducting the electoral process. Specifically, the Ministry sought insights into the measures taken by the EC to generate voter interest and foster widespread participation, particularly among marginalized demographics.

In preceding efforts, the Ministry had previously engaged with the National Executives of the Ghana Journalists Association and select senior editors from prominent media outlets, seeking their endorsement and collaboration in support of the electoral process.

The Minister underscored the historically commendable voter turnout in rural areas, attributing it to the proactive engagement of aspiring Assembly Members in campaign activities. However, he noted a desire to achieve a target of at least 50% voter attendance and implored the EC to escalate its public awareness campaign, especially in urban localities.

Chairperson Madam Jean Adukwei Mensah assured the Ministry that the Commission was fully prepared for the scheduled polls on December 19. She highlighted the ongoing deployment of voting materials to various regions, emphasizing the Commission's commitment to a seamless electoral process.

Addressing security concerns, Madam Mensah conveyed that the EC was collaboratively working with security agencies to ensure the safety and smooth functioning of the voting process.

Mr. Samuel Tettey, Deputy Electoral Commissioner in charge of Operations, disclosed the adoption of a strategic approach to ensure accessibility to hard-to-reach areas, mitigating any logistical challenges.

The collaborative efforts between the Ministry and the Electoral Commission reflect a concerted commitment to fostering a transparent and inclusive electoral process for the upcoming District Level Elections.

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Hon. Daniel Botwe Secures Media Support for 2023 District Level Elections

Mr. Daniel Botwe, Minister of Local Government, Decentralisation, and Rural Development, has called for media backing through the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) at a meeting in Accra with the objective to achieve a minimum 50% voter turnout in the upcoming 2023 District Level Elections to strengthen the local government system.

Highlighting the historical low turnouts, Hon. Botwe urged major media outlets to amplify the need for citizens to actively participate in the upcoming elections, emphasizing the crucial role of media in boosting civic participation and fostering a robust democratic process.

Hon. Daniel Botwe, referencing a parliamentary statement, revealed that previous elections, except for a 1988 turnout exceeding 50%, recorded dismal figures between 37-38%.

Expressing optimism, he urged the media to contribute to making the 2023 elections, scheduled for December 19, a historic high in voter participation.

Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Minister of Information, underscored the need for media collaboration in enhancing the public's perception of district level elections. He encouraged outlets to emphasize citizens' responsibility to vote for representation in policies and governance.

President of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA), Mr. Albert Kwabena Dwumfour, pledged the association's commitment to promoting the elections, promising excellent publicity. He assured the Minister of Local Government of the GJA's dedication to elevating district level election turnout from below 40% to a minimum of 50% this year.


The Local Government Minister, concluded by hinting on plans for further engagement with the media to address public awareness on permitting systems and flood prevention in Accra and across Ghana, showcasing the government's commitment to holistic civic improvement.

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Government Secures $245 Million for Urban Development: Site Inspection Reveals Striking Progress

The Hon. Minister for Local Government, Decentralization, and Rural Development, Daniel Botwe accompanied by the Regional Minister, District Chief Executive Officers, and officials from the Municipalities, conducted a site inspection of ongoing and completed projects funded by the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Programme (GSCSP) Urban Development Grants (UDG) across three Municipal Assemblies in the Eastern Region.


Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly – UDG 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Projects On-going

In Lower Manya Krobo, the Assembly showcased unwavering commitment to urban development through various projects. The ongoing construction of 188 lockable stores at Agormanya Market, coupled with completed road rehabilitations and the Business Advisory Center, demonstrates the tangible impact of UDG 1 and UDG 2.

Under UDG 3, the Assembly is poised to undertake significant projects, including the construction of roads, storm drains, and culverts, with an estimated cost of GHS 13.8 million. Additionally, the ambitious UDG 4 and UDG 5 projects, valued at GHS 15.1 million each, are expected to commence by the end of 2023.


New Juaben South Municipal Assembly – Advancements in UDG 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Projects

The New Juaben South Municipal Assembly showcased completed and ongoing projects funded by the GSCSP. Under UDG 1, the construction of roads and drainage systems, totaling GHS 15.7 million, has significantly improved the urban landscape.

Ongoing and completed UDG 2 projects, valued at GHS 13.7 million, include the redevelopment of Jackson Park and the rehabilitation of streetlights in Koforidua. The Assembly is set to commence UDG 3 projects, focusing on park redevelopment and road rehabilitation, with an estimated cost of GHS 19.3 million.

UDG 4 and UDG 5 projects, valued at GHS 20.3 million each, are slated to commence before the end of 2023, further contributing to the overall urban development of the municipality.


Abuakwa South Municipal Assembly – UDG 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Projects Unveiled

The Abuakwa South Municipal Assembly showcased ongoing and completed projects funded by the GSCSP. The construction of a 3-storey hostel, auditorium, and internal infrastructure facilities at Greenery Site in Kibi under UDG 1, with an estimated cost of GHS 9,989,252.80, exemplifies the commitment to enhancing urban amenities.

Completed UDG 2 projects, valued at GHS 8,054,772.00, include the construction of a commercial center, providing modern facilities for local businesses. UDG 3 projects, set to commence in September 2023, focus on expanding the commercial center with additional lockable stores and amenities, totaling GHS 5,781,700.32.

Ongoing UDG 4 and UDG 5 projects, valued at GHS 6,056,148.12 each, will address storm drainage and road surfacing, enhancing the municipal infrastructure.


Commitment to Sustainable Development:


The visit underscored the commitment of the Government and Municipal Assemblies to transform secondary cities, ensuring improved urban infrastructure and institutional capacity for effective urban management.

The Hon. Minister engaged with Traditional Chiefs, including Nene Sakite II, Nana Kwaku Boateng III, and Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin II, emphasizing the collaboration between Traditional Authorities and the State for sustainable development.

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