Official Portal for MLGRD

Department of Community Development

  1. Rural/Community Development
  2. Collects and collates data on rural and community development for input into policy
  3. Provides strategic support for rural and community development  education centres.
  4. Facilitates the Formulation, coordination and monitoring of rural development policy; Improves the quality of life in rural areas; Encourages diversification of the rural economy; Supports community-driven small scale rural infrastructure, market accessibility and employment and income generation for the rural poor.
  5. Coordinates rural development programmes (to avoid wasteful competition and costly duplication)
  6. Coordinates implementation of rural development by MMDAs, MDAs and other actors.




P.O.Box M50 Accra
Ghana, West Africa

GP Digital Address GA-110-9895



+233 302 932 573
+233 302 932 574
+233 302 908 224
+233 302 906 828