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Governance and Legal Reform

The directorate is responsible for the following;

  • Proposes decentralization policy reforms
  • Converts approved decentralization policy reforms into draft legislation where appropriate for the consideration of the Ministry of Justice and Attorney-General’s Department
  • Examines policies and legislations proposed by MDAs for its relevance with the Decentralisation Policy Framework, National Decentralisation Action Plan and other necessary Decentralisation documents.
  • Sensitises relevant stakeholders on the policy and implementation implications of new policies, legislations and programmes in Ghana’s local governance and decentralisation programmes.
  • Conducts inspection for the various policy, projects and programmes being implemented by MMDAs.

The Directorate comprise of the following units;

  • Inspectorate :- The Unit performs the following;
  • Conducts inspection of the various policy, projects and programmes being implemented by MMDAs.
  • Local Assessment:- The unit also performs the following:
    • Coordinates and facilitates the performance assessment of MMDCE’s
    • Keeps records of the appointment, transfers and dismissal of MMDCE’s
    • Facilitates the settlement of disputes related to the management of the Assemblies.
    • Initiates the Demarcation of boundaries for MMDA’s in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders
    • Develops guidelines and mechanisms for promoting public participation and accountability in the decentralized local government system.
    • Develops guidelines and standards of rating for adoption by the MMDAs
    • Coordinates inter district and inter regional relations
  • Reforms:- The unit:
  • Provides legal counsel and technical support services by ensuring legal interpretations and inputs into the formulation of policies and other international protocols, conventions and treaties.
  • Formulates and designs programmes and initiates legislations to accelerate and deepen decentralization within the local government system.



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