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Research, Statistics & Information Management

Research, Statistics and Information Management  (RSIM)   

This Directorate:
  • Conducts and commissions researches, compiles and analyses data for the Ministry.
  • Compiles all information pertaining to the Ministry in line with its activities and programmes.
  • Creates and maintains data bank for effective and efficient decision-making.   
  • Facilitates the projection of the image of the Sector by disseminating information on the Ministry’s policies, activities and procedures.
  • Provides a mechanism for receiving feedback on the Ministry’s policies and activities.


The directorate is composed of the following units:
  • Research and Statistics Unit:- It Conducts research into the activities of the Ministry. It also ensures that requisite data is available for decision-making.
  • Library and Documentation Unit:- The unit is responsible for the Library and collates the required data to create a database for the Ministry.
  • Information Technology/ Information Management Unit: - It Initiates and maintains information technology network and infrastructure for the Ministry.   It also develops supports and integrates new technologies into the operations of the Ministry.




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