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Preparation for HABITAT III
Ghana participates in PREPCOM II and the 25th Session of the Governing Council
of UN Habitat in Nairobi, Kenya from 14 to 23 April 2015

The Government of Ghana with support of its key urban partner institutions, Cities Alliance (CA) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), is participating in the Second Preparatory Meeting (PREPCOM II) and the 25th Governing Council Meeting (GC25) of the UN Habitat towards the organization of the Habitat III Conference in 2016.

Development of the Habitat III Report

Ghana’s participation is grounded on its successful development of the Country’s Draft Habitat III Report. The Report which was facilitated by the National Habitat Committee went through a participatory approach involving the consultation of broad spectrum of stakeholders from the local and national governments, academia, civil society groups with particular emphasis on the urban poor and the private sector, among others. The draft report was also subjected to a number of validation sessions, i.e. through individual institutional validation and also through a national validation session.
From the last validation session on the development of Ghana’s Habitat III Report in mid December 2014, it was further recommended for the Draft Report to be subjected to a technical review and quality assurance by senior urban experts before the final version of the report is submitted again to the UN Habitat Secretariat. Ghana’s participation in the PREPCOM II and the GC25 will further enhance the finalization of the report and also ensure the country takes full advantage of the processes leading up to the organization of the Habitat III Conference in October 2016 in Quito, Ecuador.



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