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MLGRD trains Inspectorate Unit on Data Management and Analysis under the World Bank Sponsored Project, PSRRP

May 22, 2020

The Office of the Senior Minister in collaboration with World Bank is in the process of finalizing a Public Sector Reform for Results Project (PSRRP) based on a component of the National Public Reform Strategy 2018 – 2023.

The PSRRP seeks to assist selected organizations to reform their current structures, systems, processes and internal management functions to provide modernized and timely services. The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) and its department (Births and Deaths Registry) is among the selected agencies under the PSRRP.

The Inspectorate Unit of the MLGRD is featured under Component One of the Project; Strengthen the capacity of the Inspectorate Division of the MLGRD to carry out its functions including the development of a management dash-board (MMDA Tracking System) for the Minister and the MLGRD management to track MMDAs performance and key ID functions and also  recommendation by Management to MMDAs. This also includes Online interaction and follow up between MLGRD and MMDAs; and public accountability for MMDAs service delivery and performance.

As part of the Ministry’s effort to revamp the Inspectorate Unit, the Ministry organized a workshop to build the capacity of the Inspectorate Staff in Data Management and Analysis to enable them work effectively and efficiently.

The main objective of the training workshop was to strengthen the capacity of the Inspectorate Unit to carry out its functions effectively.

The specific objectives of the training workshop were:

  1. To give a comprehensive overview of the Inspectorate Unit of the Ministry and its functions.
  2. To introduce participants to Database Management and Analysis.
  3. To equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in using Microsoft Excel tools to enable them carry out their duties effectively and efficiently.

Participants for the training programme comprised mainly, All Officers from the Inspectorate Unit, representatives from the Budget, Client Service Units and Human Resource Directorate of the Ministry. Also, in attendance were representatives from the Office of the Senior Minister.

The Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of Public Sector Reform who is also the Project Coordinator for PSRRP, Mr. Thomas Kusi Boafo, delivered a speech on the purpose of the Project. He gave the scope of the project and the expected outcome. He stated that the Ministry was privileged to be among the selected MDAs to benefit from the project He assured participants that the Ministry had the full support of the Office of the Senior Minister in ensuring the full implementation of the project.

Hon O. B. Amoah , Deputy Minister in charge of Legal issues, MLGRD, in his opening remarks, reiterated  the project seeks to assist the selected organizations (MDAs) to reform their current structures, systems, processes, and internal management functions to provide modernized and timely services, and to enhance access to these services by leveraging available ICT infrastructure.

The presentations focused on the following;

  1. Overview of the project.
  2. Database Management and Data Security.
  3. Functions of the Inspectorate Unit
  4. Contemporary Issues of the Inspectorate Unit:
  5. Developing an action-plan for Inspectorate Unit.
  6. Demonstration of the use of Microsoft Excel Tools

The following was outlined as the way forward after the training workshop.

  1. The need for additional training on Data Management and Analysis for the Unit as a way of improving their capabilities. Participants stated clearly that the knowledge gained will enable them produce quality and timely reports to Management for decision making.
  2. The need to organize similar trainings for the Metropolitan, Municipal and District (MMDAs) to enforce proper Financial reporting to the Head Office (MDAs).
  3. Procurement logistics for the Inspectorate Staff to enable them carry out their duties.
  4. Procurement of a Dashboard (MMDAs financial tracking) to inform Management of the financial performance of the MMDAs
  5. Enforcement of visitations to the Assembly to ensure the right things are done.
  6. Participants will service as agent of change by impacting knowledge gained during the training to the Assembly to inform their reporting.



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