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Minister for Local Government Visits Afram Plains

Jan. 10, 2019


Minister for Local Government Visits Afram Plains

MLGRD 10/01/19 The Minister of Local Government, Hajia Alima Mahama (MP) began a two day tour of the Kwahu Afram Plains. The first point of the call was the Wawase Kraal, Afram Plains. This project which was started by the Kufour administration to serve as confinement for cattle owners whiles they tended to their farms during the day, has graduated to a Kraal. The 272 hectare facility now accommodates 3,000 cows which belong to individuals.

The project manager of the ranch, James Asante, who made a presentation, explained that the ranch is run in partnership with cattle owners. He said 10% of the cost of feeding the cows is done by the owners and that 60% realized from milking the cow is retained by the ranch. He hinted that a bye law has been passed prohibiting any cattle or other ruminants to graze openly. To effectively enforce this law anybody who flouts the law will be fined and his cattle or other confiscated to the state. The ranch which is solely government owned has the capacity to accommodate 10,000 cows. Presently only a small portion of the ranch is being utilized. The Minister was accompanied by her Deputy, Hon Augustine Collins Ntim (MP).

The next stop of the fact finding tour of the Afram Plains South District was the Maame Krobo market. The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development was received by the Chief of the area, Nana Adu Bako II. He called for the construction of a bridge to connect the Afram Plains to the mainland, as promised by President Akufo Addo. He said due to the absence of this vital infrastructure many investors do not want to invest in the area. He also said it was an anomaly for the whole of the Afram Plains to have only one hospital and as such urged government to build more hospitals in the area to improve upon the wellbeing of the residents in the area.

Nana Adu Bako II, referred to the Maame Krobo market as the biggest in the Eastern Region but with poor infrastructure. He therefore called on government to assist in building a modern market complex at Maame Krobo. He also complained about the menace of cattle destroying farms in the area and further called on government to consider rebuilding the deplorable roads in the Afram Plains.

The Minister in her reply promised to convey the message to the President, adding that at least one District Hospital will be considered. In reply to the cattle menace, she said a bye law has been passed which prohibits cattle grazing openly. She assured the community that with the passage and enforcement of the law, such unfortunate incidences will be significantly curtailed. He however, urged residents of Afram Plains to report to the Police those who will let their cattle stray and promised that the law will take its course. On the bridge she said some investors were coming to conduct feasibility studies and was sure that the bridge will be constructed.

Hajia Alima Mahama (MP), said free SHS had come to relieve parents of paying school fees. She said now the Girl Child would not be discriminated against. The scenario where parents had to choose who should go to school often in favour of the boy should now be a thing of the past. She further urged all parents to send their girls to school. 

The Minister touching on the impending election of MMDCEs on partisan basis in 2011 said President Akufo Addo had made firm promise to discontinue the appointment of DCEs. To realize this objective, Article 55(3) of the 1992 constitution was the main challenge as it prohibits partisan elections. As such there was the need to conduct a referendum which he said should come off in September this year. Touching on the advantages, she noted that the election of DCEs will make them accountable to the people and further eliminate the winner takes all syndrome.

The Deputy Minister, in charge of Rural Development, Hon. Augustine Collins who accompanied the Minister on the tour; urged farmers to take the planting of cashew seriously as they would reap the benefits in their old age.





He said last year, 100,000 seedlings were nursed and distributed in Afram Plains area for free, under the program planting for export and Rural Development. He further noted that this year 200,000 seedlings will be distributed. He noted that Ghana workforce was mostly agrarian with about 80% people engaged in farming.

The Minister presented assorted drinks to the Chief and an undisclosed sum of money.



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