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Street Naming and Property Addressing Project (SNPAP)


Street Naming and Property Addressing involves a process of naming streets and numbering properties using a system of maps and signs. In Ghana, this is very necessary because most of our streets and properties are not named and numbered hence it is difficult for easier location of properties along streets, delivering services at various places, valuation of properties, generation revenue, issuing of permit among others.

To address these challenges, the MLGRD developed The Street Naming and Property Addressing Guidelines in 2011 and it was launched by the President (then the vice president). The policy was tested in five selected districts in Western Region under the support of the LOGODEP, USAID, and it was good. Experience from this pilot process was used to develop a more practical guide to complement the Policy. The major and nation-wide implementation on the street naming and property addressing was invigorated when H.E President John Dramani Mahama in March, 2013 directed all MMDAs to name all streets and number all properties within 18 months.





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