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Institute of Local Government Studies

The objectives of the Institute arc to organize training for members of MMDAs; local
government units staff in the local government and related sectors and any other person or body interested in governance, managerial, administrative, financial and operational efficiency


The Institute's functions as spelt out in Act 467 are to:

  • Arrange courses, workshops; seminars and conferences for persons on local governance
  • Undertake and promote research in local government
  • Develop training materials for members of the RCCs, MMDAs and other local
    government unit
  • Publish literature relevant to local government
  • Provide consultancy and advisory services to government and any other person of body requiring such services
  • Collaborates with national and international institutions In the performance of its
  • Performs other functions as assigned by the Minister


The Act further provides that the Institute may award certificates, diploma and higher qualifications as may be agreed on by the Institute and approved by the National Accreditation Board.

It is worth mentioning that the Institute has since been given approval to award higher academic qualifications including Masters Degrees. 

To enable the Institute achieve its objectives it has qualified Academic, Professionals, Researchers, Consultants and Administrative Staff.

Beneficiaries of the Institute include MMDAs, Traditional Authorities, NGO and other Civil Society Organisations; tailor made programmes upon request from' clients/customers. The Institute also honours requests from the Sub-Region (Nigeria and Sierra Leone).




P.O.Box M50 Accra
Ghana, West Africa

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